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why pay more for propane?

we buy for you!

why use a buyer?

how does it work?

"how?" we represent you to suppliers

We use your business or groups gallons and our industry knowledge to negotiate the best deal for you! 

"Why?" Industry insight

A buyer from the industry uses industry knowledge and connections to secure cost-effective deals in your favor.  They won’t be fooled.  FAQ

is a buyer expensive?

No, pennies per gallon while saving you much much more!  Contact us to discuss.

Our Services

We can handle your home and business

Our experienced propane buyers will skillfully manage propane needs for your home or business.  Leveraging industry knowledge, we secure competitive prices and navigate market complexities.  Safety remains a top priority, ensuring adherence to stringent standards for both residential and commercial settings.  Trust our expertise for tailored and efficient propane solutions.  Contact a Buyer for Details.

How's your price this year?

Timing is everything

catching the futures market

  • Spot pricing is your cost today not what you’ll pay next year.
  • The Futures Market is trading for next years price.
  • Understanding the usage patterns of our customers allows us to find the correct buying options.
  • A Fixed price can be good for some and not that beneficial to others.
  • A locked Indexed margin over a pricing point can be more beneficial to others.

We understand your business dynamics and work with our partner companies to create the best strategy for you, not them.

Our Specialties

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What We Do For You

Our propane negotiators go above and beyond simply securing the best prices. We take safety seriously. When negotiating with propane suppliers, we also ensure strict adherence to all safety regulations and guidelines. Our expertise extends to scrutinizing supplier practices to ensure consumers receive not only cost-effective propane but also the peace of mind that comes with safe and reliable service. With our comprehensive approach, you can trust that your propane needs are met both economically and securely.

HOA's/Neighborhood groups

Let us save you and your neighbors money on your heating cost

Industrial Commercial

Wether you have bulk tanks or forklift cylinders, we’ll manage that process reducing your operating cost


Let us help you keep your guests comfortable and safe at a lower cost


We keep your job site warm without the frustration

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Not so simple

A little something about propane prices

Propane prices can be quite intricate due to various factors. Seasonal changes, like increased demand during colder months, can impact prices. Global events, such as geopolitical tensions, affect the supply chain and contribute to price fluctuations. Transportation costs and regional differences also play a role, making prices vary across locations. The involvement of commodity markets adds complexity, as propane is traded globally, making it challenging to predict and stabilize prices. Navigating these complexities is essential for consumers and businesses to manage and understand propane costs effectively.  That’s the insight we take to the table for you!

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